THEME Session: Electronics and Photonics for a Low-Carbon Future (EM+2D+NS+TF-WeA)
Wednesday, Oct 23 2019 2:20PM, Room A214
Moderated by: Michael A. Filler, Georgia Institute of Technology; Stephen McDonnell, University of Virginia
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:20 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-1Uncovering the Materials Paradigm for Solar Absorbers through In situ Imaging and Characterization
3:00 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-3Atomic Layer Deposition’s Potential in Sustainability
4:20 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-7Challenges in Materials and Processing to Implementation of Energy Efficient SiC Technology
4:40 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-8High Efficiency of Hot Electron Transfer at a Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor to Electrolyte Interface
5:00 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-9Integrated Photocathodes for Solar Driven Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to value-added Products
5:40 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-11Modeling of Optical Scattering in White Beetle Scales
6:00 PMEM+2D+NS+TF-WeA-12Boosting the Performance of WO3/n-Si for Photo-electrochemical Water Splitting: From the Role of Si to Interface Engineering
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