Progress in Instrumentation and Methods for Spectro-microscopy of Interfaces (CA+NS+SS+VT-ThA)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 2:20PM, Room A120-121
Moderated by: Jinghua Guo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Andrei Kolmakov, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:20 PMCA+NS+SS+VT-ThA-1Helium and Neon Ion Beams for the Imaging and Analysis of Interfaces
3:00 PMCA+NS+SS+VT-ThA-3Interfacial Studies using Ambient Pressure XPS
4:00 PMCA+NS+SS+VT-ThA-6Operando Spectroscopy and Microscopy of the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface in Batteries
4:40 PMCA+NS+SS+VT-ThA-8Ultrasensitive Combined Tip- and Antenna-Enhanced Infrared Nanoscopy of Protein Complexes
5:00 PMCA+NS+SS+VT-ThA-9Imaging and Processing in Liquid Gel Solutions with Focused Electron and X-ray Beams
5:20 PMCA+NS+SS+VT-ThA-10In Situ TEM Visualization of Solution-based Nanofabrication Processes: Chemical Wet-etching and Capillary Forces
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