Biomaterial Interfaces Posters/Flash Session (BI-TuP)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 6:30PM, Room Union Station B
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6:30 PMBI-TuP-1Combining Geometry of Folded Paper with Liquid-Infused Polymer Surfaces to Concentrate and Localize Complex Solutions
6:30 PMBI-TuP-2Photoinduced Amphiphilic Zwitterionic Carboxybetaine Polymer Coatings with Marine Antifouling Properties
6:30 PMBI-TuP-3Peptide sequences with Ultra-Low Nonspecific Protein Adsorption and Resistance Against Marine Biofouling
6:30 PMBI-TuP-4The Effect of Surface Charge and Film Hydration on the Antifouling Performance of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
6:30 PMBI-TuP-5Mass Spectrometric Determination of Active Adsorption sites of soil organic Carbon on Clay Mineral Surface
6:30 PMBI-TuP-6Blood Compatible Coating using Tethered Heparin to Reduce Coagulation in Microfluidic Devices
6:30 PMBI-TuP-7Analysing the Sequestration of Pro-inflammatory Chemokines into Immuno-modulating Hydrogels using ToF SIMS
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