Biomolecules and Biophysics and Interfaces - and Flash Poster Session (BI+AS-TuA)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 2:20PM, Room A120-121
Moderated by: Markus Valtiner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Tobias Weidner, Aarhus University, Denmark
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2:20 PMBI+AS-TuA-1Electrochemical Surface Reactivity of Catechol Derivatives: Competitive Adsorption and Ion Effects
2:40 PMBI+AS-TuA-2Direct Observation of Lysozyme Interaction with a Curved Lipid Membrane Surface by Sum Frequency Scattering Vibrational Spectroscopy
3:00 PMBI+AS-TuA-3Iron Speciation at Aqueous Surfaces
4:20 PMBI+AS-TuA-7Identifying the Molecular Mechanisms that Mediate Cell Membrane Repair by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
4:40 PMBI+AS-TuA-8Fishing Manganese out from Cellulose: Impact of Coupling Desferrioxamine B to Stainless Steel Beads on the Circular Economy of Paper and Pulp Industry
5:00 PMBI+AS-TuA-9The Hybrid Nano-biointerfaces Between Gold, Graphene Oxide and Angiogenin for Wound Repair
5:20 PMBI+AS-TuA-10Improved Antibacterial Sandwich system for Urological Purposes
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