Applied Surface Science Poster Session (AS-ThP)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 6:30PM, Room Union Station AB
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6:30 PMAS-ThP-1Hydrogen Generation Eases Safety and Infrastructure Requirements for Efficient and Productive Vacuum Deposition Processes
6:30 PMAS-ThP-2Progress in Understanding SIMS Spectra from Silicones
6:30 PMAS-ThP-3Silicon Wet Etching Using NH4OH Solution For Texturing of Silicon Micro-Channels
6:30 PMAS-ThP-4Ionic Liquids: Advanced Oil Additives for Lubricating Case-Hardened Titanium Alloys (OD-Ti64)
6:30 PMAS-ThP-5Controlling Surfaced-catalyzed Coupling of Aryl Halides for Preparation of Two-dimensional Covalent Networks
6:30 PMAS-ThP-6Characterization of Mineral Associated Organic Matter in Alkaline Soil
6:30 PMAS-ThP-7Atomic Structure Simulation of Nitrogen Supersaturated Austenitic Stainless Steel
6:30 PMAS-ThP-8Determination of the Number of Layers of a 2D Material by Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy
6:30 PMAS-ThP-9Effect in Core Level Binding Energy Spectra of Phthalocyanine (MePcs) Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Studied by XPS and DFT
6:30 PMAS-ThP-10Probing the Electrical Double Layer by in situ X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy through a Carbon Nanotube-Strengthened Graphene Window
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