Quantitative Surface Analysis III/Other Surface Analysis Methods (AS+BI+RA-TuM)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 8:00AM, Room A211
Moderated by: Karen Gaskell, University of Maryland, College Park
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8:00 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-1Oxygen Energy Filtering and Relative Sensitivity Factor Considerations for Making U and Pu Measurements by LG-SIMS
8:40 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-3Utilizing Large Geometry Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Age-Dating of Individual Uranium Particles
9:00 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-4Peak Shape Analysis in TOF SIMS: Best Practices and Limiting Precision in Accounting for Detector Saturation
9:20 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-5Electronic Structure and Band Gaps of Industrially Relevant Materials Investigated by Photoelectron Spectroscopy and REELS (Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy)
9:40 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-6Practical References for Low Energy Ion Scattering by Ca and F
11:00 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-10Extreme-Ultraviolet-Assisted Atom Probe Tomography
11:20 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-11A Multi-Technique Approach for Complete Thin Film Characterisation
11:40 AMAS+BI+RA-TuM-12Polymeric Barrier Coatings for Silicone Elastomer against Diffusion of Isocyanate in Vacuum Casting Processes
12:00 PMAS+BI+RA-TuM-13pARXPS Study of GeSbTe Surface Oxidation
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