Quantitative Surface Analysis I/Reproducibility Issues in Quantitative XPS (AS+BI+RA-MoM)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 8:20AM, Room A211
Moderated by: Donald Baer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Mark Engelhard, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:20 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-1Improving Accuracy in Quantitation by XPS: Standards, Cross-sections, Satellite Structure
9:00 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-3A Rigorous Approach to the Calculation of the Uncertainties in XPS Analysis
9:20 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-4Gross Errors in XPS Peak Fitting
9:40 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-5Improved Energy Referencing in XPS
10:00 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-6How to Avoid Errors in the Interpretation of XPS Data?
10:40 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-8Misinterpretations in the Spectroscopic Analysis of Heterogeneous Materials and Defected Structures
11:00 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-9Current Issues and Solutions for Reliable, Robust and Reproducible XPS Spectral Acquisition and Data Reporting
11:20 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-10Intensity Calibration and Sensitivity Factors for XPS Instruments with Monochromatic Ag Lα and Al Kα Sources
11:40 AMAS+BI+RA-MoM-11Reporting XPS Measurements and How Can We Do Better to Minimize Reproducibility Problems
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