Properties of 2D Materials including Electronic, Magnetic, Mechanical, Optical, and Thermal Properties II (2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 2:20PM, Room A216
Moderated by: Roland Wiesendanger, University of Hamburg, Germany
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:20 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-1Boundary Conditions for a Continuum Model of Lateral Interfaces in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
2:40 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-2Resolving the Structural and Electronic Properties of Graphene/Ge(110)
3:00 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-3Array of Strain Induced Quantum Dots in Graphene
3:20 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-4Ultrafast Spin and Charge Dynamics in Monolayer WSe2-Graphene Heterostructure Devices
4:20 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-7Spatially Selective Enhancement of Photoluminescence in MoS by Exciton-Mediated Adsorption and Defect Passivation
4:40 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-8Strained Graphene in the Quantum Hall Regime: Valley Splitting and Extra Conducting Channels
5:00 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-9Unraveling the Novel Quantum Phenomena in Two-dimensional Materials using Transport and Photoemission Spectroscopy
5:40 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-11Electronic Properties and Charge Density Wave Transition in Single-layer VSe2
6:00 PM2D+EM+MI+NS-TuA-12Tunable Band Gap and Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Monolayer MoSe2 by S Incorporation
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