Properties of 2D Materials including Electronic, Magnetic, Mechanical, Optical, and Thermal Properties I (2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 8:20AM, Room A216
Moderated by: Sanghoon Bae, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:20 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-1Extreme Fatigue Life of Graphene
8:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-2Epitaxial Growth and Thermal Degradation of Monolayer MoS2 on SrTiO3 Single Crystal Substrates
9:00 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-33D Printed and Injection Molded Polymer Matrix Composites with 2D Layered Materials
9:20 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-4Semiconducting WS2 and h-BN Inks for Printing Optically-active Nanodevices
9:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-5Transparent PEDOT:PSS Based Electro-Chromic/Thermal Devices With Excellent Durability For Applications In Smart Electronics
10:00 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-6Edge Dominated Graphene/h-BN Lateral Hybrid Nanostructures for Electronic and Spintronic Applications
10:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-8Engineering Interfaces in the Atomically-Thin Limit
11:20 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-10Ultrasoft Slip-mediated Bending in Few-layer Graphene
11:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS-MoM-11Experimental Study on Vanadium Oxides Films by Sputtering
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