Dopants, Defects, and Interfaces in 2D Materials (2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 8:00AM, Room A216
Moderated by: Evan Reed, Stanford University
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8:00 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-1Interfacial Engineering of Chemically Reactive Two-Dimensional Materials
8:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-3Effects of Mn Doping on the Surface Electronic Band Structure and Bulk Magnetic Properties of ZnS and CdS Quantum Dot Thin Films
9:00 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-4Interaction of Molecular O2 with Organolead Halide Nanorods by Single-Particle Fluorescence Microscopy
9:20 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-5Complementary Growth of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors on Metal Oxide Interfaces
9:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-6Kagome-type Lattice Instability and Insulator-metal Transition in an Alkali-doped Mott Insulator on Si(111)
11:00 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-10Chemical Migration and Dipole Formation at TMD/TI Interfaces
11:20 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-11Atomically Resolved Electronic Properties of Defects in the in-plane Anisotropic Lattice of ReS2
11:40 AM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-12Charge Diminishing at the Si-SiO2 System and its Influence on the Interface Properties
12:00 PM2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThM-13Size-independent “Squeezed” Shape of Metal Clusters Embedded Beneath Layered Materials
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