Wednesday October 23, 2019
8:00AM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D+AS+MI+NS-WeMA2162D Materials Characterization by Scanning Probe Microscopy and SpectroscopyOral
2D+EM+MI+MN+NS+QS-WeMA226Novel 2D MaterialsOral
AP+BI+PS+TF-WeMB130Surface Reaction Analysis and Emerging Applications of Atomic Scale ProcessingOral
BI+AS-WeMA120-121Microbes and Fouling at SurfacesOral
EL+AS+EM+TF-WeMA212Optical Characterization of Thin Films and NanostructuresOral
EM+2D+AS+MI+MN+NS+TF-WeMA214Nanostructures and Nanocharacterization of Electronic and Photonic DevicesOral
HC+2D+SS-WeMA213Exotic Nanostructured Surfaces for Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOral
MI+2D-WeMA210Emerging Multifunctional Magnetic Materials I and Magnetocaloric MaterialsOral
NS-WeMA222Optics and Scattering on the NanoscaleOral
OX+EM+MI+SS-WeMA220-221Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Complex Oxide Surfaces and InterfacesOral
PS+EM-WeMB131Plasma Processing of Materials for EnergyOral
QS+2D+EM+MN+NS+VT-WeMB231-232Material Systems and Applications for Quantum SciencesOral
RA+AS+CA+PS+TF-WeMA124-125Reproducibility in Science and Engineering, Including Materials and Energy SystemsOral
TF1-WeMA122-123Vapor Deposition of Functional Polymer Thin Films and CompositesOral
TF2-WeMB131Thin Film Late News SessionOral