Wednesday October 23, 2019
2:20PM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D+EM+MN+NS-WeAA2162D Device Physics and ApplicationsOral
AS+CA+LS-WeAA211Operando Characterization Techniques for In situ Surface Analysis of Energy DevicesOral
CA+NS+SS+VT-WeAA120-121Chemical Analysis and Imaging of Liquid/Vapor/Solid Interfaces IOral
EL+EM-WeAA212Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: Novel Applications and Theoretical ApproachesOral
EM+2D+NS+TF-WeAA214THEME Session: Electronics and Photonics for a Low-Carbon FutureOral
HC+OX+SS-WeAA213Metal-Support Interactions Driving Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOral
HI+AS+CA-WeAB231-232Advanced Ion Microscopy and Surface Analysis ApplicationsOral
MI+2D-WeAA210Emerging Multifunctional Magnetic Materials IIOral
MS-WeAA226Science and Technology for Manufacturing: Solid State Batteries (ALL INVITED SESSION)Oral
NS+2D+AS-WeAA222Probing and Modifying Surface and Interfacial Chemistry at the NanoscaleOral
PS-WeAB130Commemorating the Career of John Coburn (ALL INVITED SESSION)Oral
RA+AS+BI-WeAA124-125Addressing Reproducibility Challenges using Multi-Technique ApproachesOral
SE+AS+TF-WeAA215Nanostructured Thin Films and CoatingsOral
SS+AS+HC+OX-WeAA220-221Reactions at Alloy Surfaces and Single Atom CatalysisOral
TF+EM-WeAA122-123Emerging Thin Film Materials: Ultra-wide Bandgap and Phase Change MaterialsOral