Tuesday October 22, 2019
2:20PM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D+EM+MI+NS-TuAA216Properties of 2D Materials including Electronic, Magnetic, Mechanical, Optical, and Thermal Properties IIOral
AC+AS+LS-TuAA215Forensics, Science and Processing for Nuclear EnergyOral
AP+EL+MS+PS+SS+TF-TuAB130Advancing Metrology and Characterization to enable Atomic Layer ProcessingOral
AS+BI+CA+LS-TuAA211Beyond Traditional Surface AnalysisOral
BI+AS-TuAA120-121Biomolecules and Biophysics and Interfaces & Flash SessionOral
EM+OX+TF-TuAA214Nikolaus Dietz Memorial Session: Wide and Ultra-wide Band Gap Materials and DevicesOral
MN+QS-TuAA210Devices for Quantum Information and Quantum NanomechanicsOral
NS-TuAA222Recent Advances in Nanoscale Probing and FabricationOral
OX+EM+HC+MI+NS+SS+TF-TuAA220-221Complex Oxides: Catalysis, Dielectric Properties and Memory ApplicationsOral
PS+EM-TuAB131Advanced BEOL/Interconnect Etching and Advanced Memory and PatterningOral
QS+2D+EM+MN+NS-TuAB231-232Materials for Quantum SciencesOral
TF+PS-TuAA124-125Epitaxial Thin FilmsOral
TF-TuAA122-123Emerging Applications for Thin FilmsOral
TL+AS+SS+TF-TuAA226Breakthroughs and Challenges in Applied Materials for Energy Transition (ALL INVITED SESSION) & Panel DiscussionOral
VT-TuAA213Advanced Applications of Vacuum TechnologyOral