Thursday October 24, 2019
8:00AM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThMA216Dopants, Defects, and Interfaces in 2D MaterialsOral
AP+PS+TF-ThMB130Thermal Atomic Layer EtchingOral
AS-ThMA211Advances in Depth Profiling, Imaging and Time-resolved AnalysisOral
CA+2D+AS+BI+NS-ThMA120-121Chemical Analysis and Imaging of Liquid/Vapor/Solid Interfaces IIOral
DM+BI+SS-ThMA212Material Stabilities and Technology for Degradation ProtectionOral
EM+AP+MS+NS+TF-ThMA214Advanced Processes for Interconnects and DevicesOral
HC+2D+SS-ThMA213Nanoscale Surface Structure in Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOral
HI+NS-ThMB231-232Novel Beam Induced Material Engineering and Nano-PatterningOral
LS+AS+SS-ThMA124-125Operando Methods for Unraveling Fundamental Mechanisms in Devices Towards Renewable EnergiesOral
LS+HC+SS-ThMA124-125Frontiers of Time-resolved Techniques for Energy & Catalysis Highlight SessionOral
MI+2D+AS+EM-ThMA210Novel Magnetic Materials and Device Concept for Energy efficient Information Processing and StorageOral
MS+EM+QS-ThMA226Science and Technology for Manufacturing: Neuromorphic and Quantum Computing (ALL INVITED SESSION)Oral
NS+2D+QS-ThMA222Direct Atomic Fabrication by Electron and Particle Beams & Flash SessionOral
PS-ThMB131Plasma Diagnostics and Sources IIOral
SE+PS-ThMA215Plasma-assisted Surface Modification and Deposition ProcessesOral
SS+AS+HC+TL-ThMA220-221Surface Science of Energy Conversion and StorageOral
TF+EM+NS+SS-ThMA122-123Thin Films for Energy Harvesting and ConversionOral