Thursday October 24, 2019
2:20PM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D+AS+BI+HC+MN+NS+PS+SS+TL-ThAA216Surface Chemistry, Functionalization, Bio, Energy and Sensor ApplicationsOral
AS-ThAA211Role of Surfaces and Interfaces in Energy Material and Industrial ProblemsOral
CA+NS+SS+VT-ThAA120-121Progress in Instrumentation and Methods for Spectro-microscopy of InterfacesOral
DM1+BI+SS-ThAA212Low Fouling Interfaces and Environmental DegradationOral
DM2+BI+SS-ThAA212Fundamentals of Catalyst Degradation: Dissolution, Oxidation and SinteringOral
EL-ThAA215Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Late News SessionOral
HC+SS+TL-ThAA213Reaction Pathways and Addressing Challenges for Energy Production in the 21st Century & Heterogeneous Catalysis Graduate Student Award PresentationOral
HI+NS-ThAB231-232Emerging Ion Sources, Optics, and Applications & Flash SessionOral
LS+AC+HC+SS-ThAA210Emerging Methods with New Coherent Light SourcesOral
LS+AC+NS-ThAA210Photon Science for Imaging Materials from the Meso- to the NanoscaleOral
NS-ThAA222SPM for Functional CharacterizationOral
PS+2D+EM+SS+TF-ThAB130Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer EtchingOral
PS+SS-ThAB131Plasma Conversion and Enhanced Catalysis for Chemical SynthesisOral
SE-ThAA215New Challenges and Opportunities in Surface EngineeringOral
SS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThAA220-221Dynamics at Surfaces/Reactions and Imaging of Oxide SurfacesOral
TF+AS+EL+PS+RA-ThAA124-125Characterization of Thin Film Processes and PropertiesOral
TF+SS-ThAA122-123Metal Halide Perovskites, Other Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Thin FilmsOral