Monday October 21, 2019
1:40PM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D+AP+EM+MI+MN+NS+PS+TF-MoAA226Nanostructures including Heterostructures and Patterning of 2D MaterialsOral
2D+AP+EM+MI+NS+PS+TF-MoAA2162D Materials Growth and FabricationOral
AC-MoAA215Early Career ScientistsOral
BI+AS-MoAA120-121Cutting Edge Bio: Bio-Nano, Bio-Energy, 3D BioOral
EM+PS+TF-MoAA214New Devices and Materials for Logic and MemoryOral
MN-MoAA210Microfabricated Systems for Gas Chromatography and Nanomechanical Mass SensingOral
PS+AS+EM+SS+TF-MoAB130Plasma-Surface InteractionsOral
PS1-MoAB131Plasma-Liquid Interactions, Medicine, and AgricultureOral
QS+EM+MN+NS+VT-MoAB231-232Systems and Devices for Quantum ComputingOral
RA+AS+NS+SS-MoAA211Quantitative Surface Analysis II/Big Data, Theory and ReproducibilityOral
SS+HC-MoAA220-221CO2, CO, Water, and Small Molecule Chemistry at SurfacesOral
TF+2D+AP+EL+SS-MoAA124-125ALD and CVD: Nucleation, Surface Reactions, Mechanisms, and KineticsOral
TF+SE-MoAA122-123HiPIMS and Reactive HiPIMS for Novel Thin FilmsOral
TL+2D+HC+SS-MoAA212Surface Reaction Mechanisms in Energy Conversion (ALL INVITED SESSION)Oral
VT-MoAA213Gas Dynamics, Surface Science for Accelerators, and Ultra-Clean Vacuum SystemsOral