Friday October 25, 2019
8:20AM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
2D-FrMA2152D Late News SessionOral
CA+AS+NS+SE+SS-FrMA226Novel Applications and Approaches in Interfacial AnalysisOral
HC+SS-FrMA213Catalysis at Complex InterfacesOral
NS+AS-FrMA222Electron-Beam Promoted NanoscienceOral
PS+2D+SE+TF-FrMB130Plasma Deposition and Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer DepositionOral
SE+AS+SS-FrMA215Tribology: From Nano to Macro-scaleOral
SS+HC+PS-FrMA220-221Planetary, Ambient, and Operando EnvironmentsOral
TF-FrMA216Theory and Characterization of Thin Film PropertiesOral