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  • If you are not a member of the Program Committee, please return later to submit an abstract on this same website.
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This web site lets the program committee build and review the Call for Abstracts. You can work with the program committee members, division/topic details, sessions and invited speakers. Throughout this site, the word 'topic' means division or topic.

When you login you can view complete information for any topic. Topic chairs and co-chairs can enter, modify and delete information for their topic. Topic members can edit their own program committee listing.

Navigate with the Site Menu on the left. Use the Help Help link icon Link on each page for more details.

  • The top-level Topics page shows a brief summary of all conference topics. The link for each Topic Code displays a page with all the topic details.
  • If you expand the Topics menu item, after logging onto the site, the second-level menu lets you select any Topic detail page.
  • The Topic detail pages have tabs for selecting the Topic information, Program Committee, Invited Speakers, Subject Areas and Sessions.
  • A Subject Area is a collection of one or more sessions, allowing a topic chair to delegate session management to one or more committee members. Subject areas are optional, used only on this website and the program committee review and scheduling website. They do not become part of the conference program in any way.
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Enter or Edit your topic data:

  • Click the Add New Item icon or text at the top of the grid to add a new item.
    • For the Program Committee and Invited Speakers, you can either select an existing person, using the dropdown list that will appear at the top of the data-entry form, or enter a new person with the detailed fields below.
    • The dropdown list will be filled with matching people after you type at least two characters of the last name.
    • If you want to use an existing person, be sure to click the 'Add an Existing Person' button located directly below the existing person dropdown list after making your selection.
    • To add a new person, fill in the detailed fields and then click the 'Insert New Person' button below those fields.
  • Click the pencil icon at the beginning of an item to edit that item.
  • Only for the Session list, click a session to select it and show additional details and an editing area at the bottom of the grid.
  • You MUST use the Save Changes button in the editing area to save your changes. The Cancel button discards your changes and restores the previously-saved data.
  • Click the trashcan icon at the end of an item to delete that item.
Sample editing page image with instructions

Export Data to Excel, Word or PDF

  • You can export the Program Committee, Session or Invited Speaker data to Excel, Word or Adobe Acrobat using the data export controls on those pages.
  • When using Excel 2007 or greater, you may get a warning that the file you are trying to open is in a different format than the file extension. Please click Yes to continue and open the file.
  • In both Word and Excel, you can improve the document appearance by deleting any columns with action buttons.

System Requirements

  • This site requires a javaScript-enabled browser. While this is the default for all current browsers, javaScript can be disabled. If the left-side menu works but not the Edit buttons, your browser may have javaScript disabled.
  • The text editor used for the abstract title and the abstract text should work correctly using any of these browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows). In addition to javaScript, caching and browser scripting must be enabled.
    • Microsoft Edge (current version)
    • Google Chrome (current and previous version for Windows, Mac & Linux)
    • FireFox (current and previous version for Windows, Mac & Linux)
    • Apple Safari 9.1+ (Mac)
    • Opera 15.0+ and 12.0+ (Windows, Mac & Linux)
    Other browsers might also work, but if you have problems, please try one of the supported configurations.